*looking at phone*

His profile says he’s 5’11 but basic math says otherwise, more like 5’7…heels it is. Four-inch heels and maybe next time don’t stand next to a door frame in your profile picture. 

Makeup done, hair curled, pencil skirt and cardigan on. Slip on necklace, earrings, watch and spritz Burberry London on my fingers to dab behind my ears and neck. Look in the mirror, good, bangs are straight – maybe I should grow these out? 

Walk upstairs, grab keys, get into car. Hear phone ping, reach down and read:

“Hey ditch your date, there’s a free concert in the park!”

Think for ten seconds. Hmm a possibly shitty band in the park or possibly shitty date with a guy who’s insecure about his height?

I text back, “gimme five seconds to change, I’ll meet you at your house.”

Get out of car, unlock door, go into bedroom put on flats, skater dress and pull my hair into a ponytail and walk back out to my car. 

Grab my phone and text my date:

“hey sorry, I know it’s last minute but I’m not going to make it.”

He texts back right away, 

“oh okay, is everything okay?”

Me thinking…everything IS fine but we’ll date and eventually disappoint each other. Really I’m saving us from a potentially shitty situation, also called a ‘relationship’.

I texted him back: “yeah I’m fine, I just don’t think I’m ready to date. Sorry.”

After a few minutes, he responds with a poop emoji. 

….So that’s how soul mates say goodbye.

Dream Lover – Destroyer



  1. LionAroundWriting · February 10, 2016

    Good pace.


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